When you sit down for work everyday, you can’t accomplish your annual goals.

No matter how much you desire to finish the project you’ve set out to do or achieve the lifestyle you’ve wanted to create, you can’t finish within a day.

Annual goals are made up of weekly objectives are made up of daily tasks.

While it’s solid advice to focus solely on the tasks of the day, we also need to be able to see the carrot from closer than 365 days. The carrot becomes closer and more tangible when we set the intention to review our goals at the beginning of our workday and update them at the end.

So, as with everything, there is a yin and a yang- balance.

Creatures of habit are prone to be short-minded.

The long-term is made tangible when we are reminded of what it will take to get there. Everyday our task list can be a game- how much further along towards the mountaintop will we climb…

What did you notice today? ///

Author: Ben Fridge

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