a marketer’s confession

I wish I could say I didn’t believe in marketing. That would be the easy way out.

No, my confession is that I fully believe in marketing. I believe we have been convinced of everything we believe because of marketing. I believe we have built unique lifestyles because of a marketer’s influence.

Worst of all, I believe we need marketing. But first, we need a Marketing Reformation.

The seeds are slowly being planted-do you see it? Third-party tracking disabled, ethical advertisement design conversations in the Senate, the past decade of alternative systems for business outreach (permission marketing, the 3 P’s, a gift economy not based on market scarcity).

There is more than a corrupted system bent on financial maximization. There is crowdfunding products we support, patron investors in creative work that inspires, ethical goods with a transparent premium to support human dignity…

There is more to unpack, but it needs to be acknowledged-
Marketing (alongside religion) is the most influential tool of culture.

How will we perceive it? How will we use it?

What did you notice today? ///

Author: Ben Fridge


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