Those who are atypical need not proclaim this feat.

Originality should be shown not told.

When your claim is being different-better-newer than the competition, you’re stating the obvious- every venture worthwhile has a value proposition. Saying it aloud (“This is like no other podcast online“) only reveals your inability to encapsulate its uniqueness in its form. Your message, actions, and style should all radiate atypical and draw in those who are alike.

A good principle for whether a story, brand, or idea is atypical is if it’s singular.

When you’re intentional, focused, and excited, you’re already playing in a minority bracket (because we live in a scattered world). The chances then of being purely different increase tenfold.

Be pure in your difference. Don’t shout about it.

What did you notice today? ///

Author: Ben Fridge

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