self-refferential. showing awareness of oneself.

Meta-understanding unlocks tools of thought that expand our paradigms beyond the norm. Meta-learning and meta-narrative; awareness and strategy.

We need a new way to process ___ in response to a chaotic and polarized media landscape.

The self-inserted ‘___’ above alludes to the limitless nature of intakes in the Information Age. Overwhelmed with knowledge in an entirely new way, we need to grapple with better ways to understand the frameworks we enter.

The Consillience Project launched MetaNews to “clarify what happens when news breaks.” Indifference to news gives an unbiased perspective that tries to understand the effects of news on involved parties and the public without taking sides.

The news attempts to make sense of the world;
MetaNews attempts to make sense of the news.

Meta-news can make sense of information as well as misinformation and the spreading of mistruths by the media.

Meta-learning is learning how to learn. When confronted with a concept like algebra, we grapple with the best way to understand. Memorization goes far but understanding goes deep. Our concentration on one of these methods predicts our future comprehension of a subject.
Meta-learning question #1: How do you learn best?

Important concepts and questions require us to think about how we have/are/should understand them.

There is a deep well of meta-thinking to be pulled from as we learn more about the world. Our intentionality in extracting insight from normality dictates how equipped our awareness will become.

What did you notice today? ///

Author: Ben Fridge

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