This week, LightPhone lives up to its name by adding another stripped down app it committed to users at the project’s inception.

Directions on the LightPhone are limited, straightforward, and not busy- “two thumbs up” if it gets you where you need to go.

As a LightPhone user for almost two years, I’m stoked for the chance to finally venture out into the unknown, map-in-hand. The importance of LightPhone’s continued success is pertinent to any entrepreneur or creative looking to make a difference.

The ability to deliver on a promise displays two things:

First, you demonstrate your ability to work. Accomplishing something that matters because it mattered enough to be spoken into existence with a promise.

Next, committing and delivering proves a desire to serve your audience in spite of any challenges that arise.

Plot a course to serve your audience. Deliver on your promise.

Thanks, Light.

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Author: Ben Fridge

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