Systems are perfectly designed to fail because of time. No system is built to withstand 180 degree turns that so often happen in the wake of progress.

Henry Fords model-T assembly line wouldn’t be as efficient as an assembly line today. Technology is always improving. New conveyor belts, AI robots, and advanced computer sorting systems give Toyota the advantage over the original Ford.

Also true is that humans are always changing. We’ve gained more scientific knowledge and a larger framework for how to apply it to systems. Benjamin Franklin may have been smarter than you, but your thoughts take a far different path.

So what should glean from this?

It’s vitally important to question every manmade system’s efficacy and equitability. Alexander the Great’s strategy for conquest should be questioned today.

We can apply a diversity of information to a system by being people that are willing to see change. It might hurt to see your design scrapped, but the humility to accept change leads the way to progress.

What did you notice today? ///

Author: Ben Fridge

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