One of the reasons writers and deep thinkers for centuries have thought of space is because it is the largest canvas we have to paint up on. The vastness of the world above coupled with the endless unknowns we face when peering into the stellar, black lagoon stirs up worry in many and possibility in more.

Similar to a whiteboard, glossy and full of diagramable regions, space gives a framework that has been mantled and dismantled numerous times.

From Frank Herbert and George Lucas to Cixin Lin and Pierce Brown, this framework has been twisted and pulled to give us stories and tales of the far, far away and nearest feeling places.

Given the grandeur of the medium of space, these stories are not mere cosmic adventures. We clutch at anachronistic paperbacks that teach us to dream again, hope for beauty in the desolate places, and deeply ponder our place in the universe. There’s something more within them than meets the eye…

Science fiction is not an escape,
but a window to a better world displayed through beauty or forewarning.

Author: Ben Fridge

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