Why is it so important to name our seasons?

Part of the reason why is that if we don’t, someone will name them for us.

Culture and technology name sport, shopping, and political seasons. Our life’s reflection is halted to partake in these cultural liturgies. Looking back a year reveals how hard it is to remember where our spiritual or emotional journey took us.

Let’s stop. Remember what the last four months have been. Put a name to the growth, hurt, or shifts that have occurred. If we take back this, a slew of rhythms become available to our newly liberated schedule:

Focus on a word a month and realize it’s fulness in your life.

Build core values or a purpose statement over a period by reflecting and dreaming.

Take on a 30-day challenge doing Rice ‘n Beans, Zero Waste, or a Digital Detox.

Then we can ideate visions for our future from the purpose statement. We can name a word that resonated deeply during a season. We can choose growth and a lifestyle practice to capitalize upon.

First, wake up to how hard it is to reclaim our seasons. We have been brainwashed and bamboozled by corporate greed and corruption; told what to believe when and how much importance to give now.

Then, wake up to the million good reasons to name your seasons now (and the couple bad reasons to not), and find the one that pulls you from your seat.

Name it to not just own your past seasons, but to take responsibility for your coming ones.

Author: Ben Fridge

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