for the sake of Creation

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good…

Genesis 1:31

According to Genesis, when God created the world, it took Him six days to make His masterpiece. Five days of stars and fish and plants, leading to a man and woman who were created “very good.”

I’m not trying to say an artist will sell every 6th day; that they will then strike upon an idea that shakes creation to its core. See in this passage the patience of the ultimate creator.

In this patience, an idea took shape and was gradually developed toward the grand finale.

God, in five days, “practiced” all the pieces of creating man He needed in unleashing his passion and love to His goal. The waves gave Him knowledge of man’s heart, all at once tempestuous and calm. The stars imprinted the beauty in man’s optics, shining with tear-fall and joy. The animals provided biological models and linkage to create the apex mamel.

Every piece played a part in forming God’s art towards His destined manifestation of creative expression and affection.

Author: Ben Fridge

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