It was one of those days where you come home and your body screams “cease and desist”! Quit your chatter, on the floor, stop what you’re doing!

I think this is a sign of yet another modern dilemma brought about by our constant inundation in technology.

The Rock has been working out till 2am and waking up at 6am for his hustle- he’s not listening to his body’s commands and signals, or he’s drowning them out with noise. I don’t intend to judge the man or his work ethic, but when you start saying that,”the hungry human being at times can be unstoppable“, a word which, in Rock’s context, means losing sleep to gain muscle or fame or money.”Once that human being starts to make a little bit of money — don’t be surprised if that hungry human being becomes even more hungry…”

Work in an agrarian society kept people from overlooking the signals that their bodies needed a break: sharp pain on your forearm clearly meant a gash from a plowshare.

Today, one of the aptitudes knowledge workers lose is the ability to perceive correlations between their body’s groaning for rest, and how online and sedentary work styles cause this pain (mentally and physically we see this dissonance).

When we’re immersed, its easy to keep going, refraining from breaks till we come home and give ourselves another dose of the mind-numbing drugs- social or TV. What we’re missing is a Paleolithic connection to our physical beings. Presence in the world means we take responsibility for being aware of everything around us.

So, go for a run or kayak. Learn to juggle or bake. Your body is shouting the prescription- take it.

Author: Ben Fridge


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