heart and mind

Our passions lie at the intersection of heart and mind when our calling taps into deep love and intense intellect.

Our mind is not bored but challenged to a developing point (flow), and our heart sees the restoration of a thing, but not yet its perfection. These margins let us sing freely and create passionately.

When we discover this crossroads, we should be prepared to sacrifice. Leisure, career, and acquaintanceship are held here with an open hand. Our work calls for a greater sense of purpose and urgency in our commitment to it. If it becomes a daily practice, space must be created.

We stoke the flames of our passion, carefully, seldom letting the blaze increase past a controlled burn. When fire goes out, it leaves embers to be coaxed and fanned as we work to realign the places where heart and mind are leading.

Author: Ben Fridge


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