your dream

Goals are easy. We’ve learned the systems needed to finish the marathon, eat the greens, or say the prayers.

Research and experience have made us confident to write the goals down and be clear about how and when we’ll achieve them.

But we won’t write our dreams down. At least not publicly- they stay locked in a diary stagnating as life pulls us into the habit of making money, building skills, and completing jobs, never stretching us enough to open the untapped reservoir within.

We’re caught in quicksand, slowly losing sight of that sunny-bright vision we once deemed sacred.

We’re waiting for dire boredom to shake us out of our dreamlessness or for a catalyst to enter and ignite the flame from our past. There is no timeline for this process so we think we are forever at the mercy of the world’s dictates and systems.

Here’s your new timeline:

1. Share your dream with someone- now
2. Create your daily whateverright after now
3. Begin toiling- (you know when)

Author: Ben Fridge

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