the cure

Is technology the disease or the cure?

It’s clearly a little of both right now. Literally and metaphorically, tech saves and tears down lives. Ultimately, will it be our undoing or our unchaining.

Is it a vehicle for salvation or slavery?

This is the battle the few tech ethicists today have taken up space around. The pervading belief they purport is that tech has incredible power to give us more-fulfilling lives, unless grossly misused.

It has been grossly misused.

Here’s the nuance: technology is the cure, in the hands of the right people.

The CHT let us know how the wrong people have created the disease.

What we need now is a revolution of technology ethics- a reformation movement for the “cultural churches” of Apple, Google, and Facebook.

The first whistle has been blown.

Here are the 95 theses.

Here are the disciplines: tech-wise // Newport.

Spread the cure.

read // stripped

read // stg 3…

read // lp2

Author: Ben Fridge

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