shower thoughts

You may remember the story of Archimedes discovering displacement and buoyancy, promptly running down the street, wet from his bath tub, shouting ‘eureka’ in joy.

This event kicked off the torrent of “shower ideas” people have had for millennia.

We all have ideas constantly. Our brains fuse different neural pathways together to create a surge effect of conceptual novelty. Some people think writers or “creatives” have a greater quantity of ideas than other people. This thinking requires a paradigm shift:

Writers don’t have a greater quantity of ideas, they merely practice noticing them more.

Neil Gaiman

Every idea is a potential catalyst for action, and action is the first step in the change equation.

Whether it’s a new productivity system in your life or a product that could create positive change, ideas start things.

Ideas are the lifeblood of change.

If we could see how vital ideas are to human growth, our relationship with these insights would change fundamentally.

Steps: Take note; take action.

Author: Ben Fridge

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