imports and exports

George: He’s an importer.

Jerry: Just imports, no exports?

Seinfeld, The Stakeout

You can’t share if you don’t listen.

That’s how we train children and how we setup culture. One part respect, two parts logisticwe can’t share what we don’t have.

Learning reveals what we have to share. We ask of each person or circumstance life finds for us, “what do you teach”, and hear (not an answer, but…) more questions about this complex thing called living.

Inversely, you can’t merely listen, you must share.

Not sharing is what we call an echo chamber or selfish. The world asks something of each of us. Lending an ear is not a complete substitute for calling.

Purpose is a duality: to be called and to call.

Alcoholics Anonymous has eleven steps to bring an addict back to home plate. They then make the move of giving them a swing….

… to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Step Twelve

Not solely importing, not merely exporting.

He’s an importer-exporter!

Thanks, Jerry.

Author: Ben Fridge

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