the hole

There’s a hole in all our souls that has captivated artists to write, spirituals to pray, and the rest to work. Somewhere along the way, we messed up the purpose of our work. We see the dropout rate from careers and education and the un-satisfaction level with jobs today- signs of an unhappy time.

When we talk about seeking purpose, we talk about doing something. Work.

When we talk about filling the hole, we talk about acquiring resources. Stuff.

The flip is not merely due to a perspective shift in our framework, but a way our culture is setup around work. Work has become a means to an end, not the end itself.

We work to buy stuff to fill the hole, instead of letting meaningful work fill it for us. Working for a paycheck is purposeful up to the point of financial security. Beyond that is selfishness that won’t fill the hole, no matter the hammer’s size.

We now have a chance to reframe.

Living simply, generously, and purposely. Choosing to have less and be more.

Garden City // John Mark Comer

Author: Ben Fridge

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