change (no.2) choose

There are inspiring people who are making change and not looking for a paycheck or pat on the back. Ziggy Alberts, Tristan Harris, Seth Godin, John Mark Comer, Joe Hollier, Yvon Chouinard to name a few. Creators in spaces from music to clothing, all doing things different.

How do we get there?


These people don’t start that way. They choose everyday to make change. To create something and put it into the world, creating new pockets of curiosity, generosity, and connection.

They build a routine to foundationally fall back on when they step out. They are able to choose change because, to them, it’s the default.

The choice to step out from this routine differentiates them. They don’t commit to the practice to catch the bigger fish or make more stuff. They commit to make changes and solutions.

How do we choose everyday?

Guard Rails.

Intentionally choosing change everyday requires discipline. Discipline doesn’t come naturally to each of us. We need guard rails of two kinds-

Habits and mantras.

Practice that has been conditioned to an unconscious level, and thought behind speech or action to repeatedly recenter our focus. These both keep us in line to do the work we are called to do.

How do they know what to change?

They don’t.

They show up everyday trusting the process they have created, the guard rails they have setup, and the intention they have in their hearts to make change.

They know that showing up is the most important part of the work they do, and the way they engage their audience is directly informed by this- never trying to appease or pander, always trying to create the next right thing.

Author: Ben Fridge

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