everybody says that

Why does everybody say that? Is it true or is it popular?

Telling the difference between the two is essential for artists because artists must have good taste. (But) The same can also be said for bank-tellers because “water-cooler” and lunch break conversations are where we look for truth.

All conversation revolves around determining if something is true or popular. Be it through false truths we tell ourselves and rumors we spread at other’s expense, or the praise we give and inspiration we put out in the world, we are wired to talk about and find truth.

Look at two places we spend an overabundance of time at daily (regardless of location)- the news and social media.

We are submerged in a search for truth- his truth, her truth, their truth, the truth- with no leader able to tell us which is truly true.

(But) Michaelangelo couldn’t create until he understood his own creation. Eric Liddell didn’t “feel God’s pleasure” until he understood his purpose.

Each of us has a sculpture to craft, a race to run. We can’t do it through the noise of truth and popularity. We have to find the place outside any of us where our truth stops and the other truest truth begins.

Then we understand that “everybody says that” to avoid admitting this truth.

Author: Ben Fridge


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