the part we create from…

Where does creativity lie?

Historically, creatives have been heralded 1%’ers who terraform our world into something new. Their skills in accessing innovation and out-of-the-box thinking are reportedly unparalleled. Gifted as “outliers”, they display the capacity for reaching deeper within themselves to dredge up a masterpiece of originality.

We all know and have heard that this skill is not exclusive. We can all be creatives. From the Zanders in their passionately crafted work, The Art of Possibility:

Suppose for a moment that vital, expressive energy flows everywhere, that is the medium for the existence of life, and that any block to participating in that vitality lies within ourselves.

But there’s too much congestion from our jobs, our life, our stress and trauma. We imagine this mars us from ever leading the truly creative life. We see the scars and know we can never be whole, this side of Eden.

But scars are external. They are not the thing we are loved for, not the thing we draw purpose from, not the thing we create from. As Pressfield writes, “The part we create from can’t be touched by anything our parents did, or society did (or we did!!). That part is unsullied, uncorrupted.” Creativity lies here, beyond our failure and doubt, in a place only the God of the universe knows fully.

So, we can learn this. We can sit in our mess till we find who we really are, deep down. That’s where creativity lays its head every night, awaiting our awakening.

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Author: Ben Fridge

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