but, so, i mean, as far as…

We’ve all been there. Forming sentences is hard. Particularly the start.

It’s a struggle for me now and I have the benefit of deep thought, first drafts and revisions. When I overheard this (^title^) attempt from a table to my back, I felt it an appropriate start to examine patience in speech.

Talking is like computing. We, with our hardrives of knowledge, experience and memory, take time to spit out the things we want to say. We have to attempt many combinations of colloquial language codes (sometimes clichés) to get across the right feeling, direction or thought.

We can cmd-alt-dlt 100% of the like, anyway and um‘s that enter our speech by taking a minute, and finding our footing before jumping into expression.

People are far more impressed by exact speech than rushed stumbling.

Take time. Be precise.

Author: Ben Fridge


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