building skyscrapers

This is not an original or breathtaking idea, but an inspiring one. One I hold close.

Look in the city sky. A tree of man’s creation sprouts. Grown from rubble and the din of an emerging city to the height of a snow-capped mountain. Its design is intricate, lacing numerous materials, laws of physics, and sweat equity. Its purpose, to some, is awe. It is a monolith to the prosperity of a nation- a testament to its bravery. Filling a city, it is a finger on a dozen-digit hand that holds safe the hope of millions.

We all have a skyscraper to build. A small seed in our hearts at a young age that is either nurtured or extinguished. You recognize this dream by your fear of failing it. Or you don’t know it and need a return to the grassy hills of wonder-years. Fear and blindness prevent us from manifesting our greatest ideas. We are coddled and bullied by our own psyche to stop the Work.

But building a skyscraper is a war. It’s constant struggling against the forces of nature. As gravity and winds threaten structural integrity, so self-doubt topples creation.

In the middle of the stormy wind, hold onto this:

The world needs your skyscraper

If you build it, they will come…

Author: Ben Fridge

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