Stop thinking of words like ‘restart’ negatively.

Many of us reach troughs or setbacks with the complete opposite mindset to what those who succeed have. Our culture has reinforced this shame in things like moving back in with your parents to save on rent or making a lateral career move to a company more aligned with your values.

Shame isn’t spent only in the big things. Failure in workout regiments, relationships, or spiritual disciplines tend to spiral us to compoundingly negative paradigms.

Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.

Alfred (Batman Begins)

Foster a paradigm that is resiliently compounding positives.

If we see every fall as a chance to rise stronger and smarter, we grow a rare mindset that is self-affirming and independent (two proven qualities that lead to great success in business and in life). Every tech mogul in Silicon Valley circa 1985 working twenty years later had this mindset to carry them through adversity.

Steve Jobs was abruptly thrust into the spotlight, battered out of the company he built, and brought back as a herald of a new revolution. In the 90’s, the public saw that, “Jobs does nothing in half measures and so seems to reap his rewards in abject failure and stunning successes.”

“Stunning successes” merit “abject failure” at times, and when we don’t enter “overcome mode” we can be torn apart, ripped, broken, and chewed up by our own thinking.

Life is hard. Trials come; failure happens.

It’s always our response that dictates what happens next.

Author: Ben Fridge

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