weekly keystone

Habit is a long-term game. We can be habitual till the weekend, maybe make it past that, but eventually, we forget why our habit exists in the first place.

In order to play a long-term game, we need long-term practices. Every week is a new chance to fail and forget or to act and progress.

Michael Hyatt has greatly popularized (among many other things) the idea of The Ideal Week, a weekly system to plan a perfect week physically, socially, vocationally, and recreationally.

Seeing the big picture can push you to live out your intentions for a week:

  • Remind yourself of quarterly goals and project’s progress.
  • Reread an inspirational piece that has galvanized action in the past.
  • Budget your time and money each week in accordance with your core values.

You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.

James Clear, Atomic Habits

I’ve begun rereading Steven Pressfield’s, The War of Art, at the beginning of each week in sections to remember the reason why I have taken on some of the challenges in my life. Reflection can incite advancement in ways that keeping our heads down on the grind never can.

Author: Ben Fridge


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