What can I do as a college student?

Short answer: anything.

The current generation of college students (namely Millennials wrapping up graduate programs and Gen Z’ers entering them) is one that desires purpose and fulfillment from what they do. Career assessments, personality tests, the Enneagram– The resurgence of meditation and mindfulness as disciplines in our culture scream of a craving for inner quiet and deeper connections. A generation of “trend-breakers” seeks to level the playing field for all and support their communities and the world at large in big ways.

Good news for them- they are currently in the easiest position they will ever be in to make changes like this. With a third of parents saying they will pay for their children to attend college and two thirds receiving scholarships or grants to aid the cost, college becomes a place with overhead covered and finances beginning to be freed.

Most college students will joke about being broke, but this can actually lead to flexibility beyond belief.

I have friends who are creating businesses, buying out storefronts, freelancing, or, like me, writing everyday. They choose to do these things because they are driven to do purposeful work and they have bandwidth.

What can you do?

Author: Ben Fridge

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