more webbing

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lost, those cork-board, crime-solving, mind maps. Some people are obsessed with making everything fit together in a seamlessly holistic universe of multiplicative connections.

I am one of those people.

As long as I have thought about writing on a consistent basis, the idea of writing to create a spider’s web of interconnected thoughts and projects has been central to my planning and drive (CliftonStrengths assessment terms this proclivity, Ideation).

Spiders create a framework for their circular webbed pattern to be laid upon in the same way that builders construct scaffolding to shadow a house being built before any walls go up.

Initially, I wrote long-form, research posts that covered, in-depth, topics to my scheming. With new inspiration (see, a body of work), I have planted the seed of shorter writings that take only a day to fruit.

Using both approaches, I will build a trellis of ideas that can spread and take root.

I want to create something that lasts; something that is a foundation for growth to occur; something that unfurls for a lifetime and reaches parts unknown.

Author: Ben Fridge

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