writer’s manifesto

Pulitzer Prize winning author, Junot Díaz, once spoke of “becoming the person you need to become to write” the book you want to write. A step further:

Become the book you want to write.

Writing keeps us honest in a way that speaking or other forms of expression can’t replicate. We examine our lives with ink-sized scrutiny. We reveal what we know and don’t know about a subject. We show how well we can draw truth from a thing.

… but only if we let it.

Writing can be the tool we use to make personal, societal, global change. We all have something to give to the world, but are we honest enough, committed enough, loving enough to draw it out of ourselves?

“Writing is the supreme way of blotting out your ignorance on a subject… It’s a confessional; it will reveal everything about you while you imagine you are revealing someone else.”

Bertoldo di Giovani, Florentine Artist

Author: Ben Fridge


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