not writer’s block

Today, I wanted to write about Disc Golf and The Phantom of the Opera. What I didn’t realize (until thirty minutes in) was how different these two things were.

You heard me- “different“. Shocker, right?

Yes, I, and potentially thousands of other poor souls like myself, suffer from something I call “acute extrapolatory ideation”.

On occasion, I feel obligated, sometimes even empowered, to create the most tenuous links between things that I see in order to drive home a real truth.

Disc Golf and opera, killer whales and meditation, Space Jam and the top-hat, monocole-wearing peanut man (actually, that one works). The problem is, at times, the inexplicable connections created cloud that truth.

This is the antithesis of writer’s block.

The solution (for those of you curious for your own sake):

Draw out your stipulations to the farthest possible point. 1 in 32 times, you strike tungsten (valued at one, one-thousandth of gold- I can’t promise gold here! Who do you think I am? Seth Godin?). If your link between Lu Lu Lemon’s marketing strategy and a biblical truth really is flimsier than a crowbar at 2800° F, then that’s one less “rabbit trail” to hop down.

Or maybe, like me you’ll find a story beneath your story that contains more truth for yourself than for your reader.

Author: Ben Fridge

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