subway restrooms

They’re not great for much. In fact, they leave nearly everything to be desired and pale in comparison to a certain beaver-ee rest-stop from the south.

If the book we are reading does not wake us, as with a fist hammering on our skull, why then do we read it?

… A book must be like an ice-axe to break the frozen sea within us.


This is how I feel about The War of Art. Few books are so consistently called “a kick in the pants”(see Cover and ‘Praise For’) with such good reasoning.

Which leads us nicely back to Subway restrooms.

If you are one to frequent food-places to churn through your reading list, and you carry a book so engrossing, so important that you can’t put it down for three minutes to relieve yourself, hold onto this book…

And go read The War of Art.

And wash your hands.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech-Austrian, Jewish writer:
Letter to Oskar Pollak (27 Jan 1904)*

Pressfield, Steven. The War of Art: Break through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. *Kafka quote pulled from Pressfield’s findings.

Author: Ben Fridge

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