I used to think life was purely a system of checks and balances. Cause and effect. A man grasps his smallness in the world and either succumbs to this truth or acts out at the world. An artist is criticized harshly and either quits his work or makes better art.

I’ve seen this pattern in my own life. I have recognized that my path in business is one filled with the temptation and meaninglessness of climbing the proverbial ladder of success. Checks. And, I became intentional and minimalistic, so I would walk a different path to work in a world that drones, “more.” Balances.

But this does not always have to be.

I do not believe change is always precipitated by a fall.

With an act of will and foresight, we can become what we need to be to grow. We can preempt the change that would be forced upon us by hurt.

There’s more than one way to fix what is broken, and more than one way to find renewal from looking ahead.

Now, let intentionality enter your life without the prompting of pain.

Author: Ben Fridge

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