on writing briefly

The act of starting to write here is a challenge. Even the writing of just those 10 words took all of 5 minutes, 6 to 8 revisions and many last minute polishings, not to mention the 4 other times I attempted writing and was not content.

(The exaggeration here should be palpable, but still not far from the truth.)

Writer’s block is not the problem here, but something along the lines of perfectionism. I have never considered myself a perfectionist as I care very little about cranking out the last 15-20% of a project if it’s passable as is. Since I’ve begun writing these posts, I’ve come to understand why I’m having this struggle and its root in the very thing I am writing about. I have become nearly obsessed with the idea of minimalistic speech and writing. Developing these thoughts is where I catch myself doing the exact opposite of my intentions.

Being precise in my speech has been a task where I have found this principle most influential, because while I am conflicted in the hesitation of the ideation to existence that drafting a post allows, I am forced to craft words much more rapidly in conversation. Less is more, right? I believe this is especially true in communicating a point and so, in the future of writing the College Minimalist, I will be striving to pack as much substance into the words I choose and convey my thoughts briefly for your pleasure and mine.

Author: Ben Fridge


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