a simple introduction

Learning to be content with a simple existence… I’ll try and not be too serious with this inaugural post to ‘the college minimalist‘ (the “subtle” name I’ve chosen for this blog), but I’m writing to talk about a choice that has been reshaping my life and lending me the clarity I’ve needed to redefine the path I have been on. 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Another self-proclaimed Minimalist who believes that they need to impose their views on the world through the words of a blog. But I believe my writing here can be unique and fresh while reinventing other’s ideas and approaches. I think I am entering a blue ocean of creativity and space to work within.

I truly hope to provide any reader with something enlightening and rejuvenating that maybe strikes a chord or lights a flame. While in these next few years of college as I post here, I intend to not only write for the university student who’s looking for some insight into another student living this lifestyle, but also to those interested in the topics I may discuss.

These topics will include:

  • minimalism and rest
  • minimalism in college
  • minimalistic dorm rooms
  • minimalism or essentialism
  • digital minimalism
  • minimalist creators
  • minimalistic budgeting
  • minimalism in relationships
  • productive minimalism
  • minimalist habits

And many more…

I believe this project will evolve over time as my current plan is to being writing weekly about topics relating to the subject I love and am passionate about in Minimalism. I don’t know where this writing and your readership may take me, but I pray my thoughts on the pursuit of a meaningful life may find you right where you are and speak to you in a way that blesses your own journey… 

Author: Ben Fridge


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